Austerity –A Permanent Word in Welsh Society

Following 8 years of austerity, people of Wales will face a further two years of cuts in public service funding.

This will impact on the lives of all of us and the outcomes will be visible in the general economy the high street, schools and care and support services.

Organisations in the Charity and Third Sector arebracing themselves for reductions and even cuts inthe essential services they provide.

We have recently helped an elderly woman, living in poor housing condition, confused and apparently without money. She is clearly unwell, needsto go to hospital for an assessment, but is living in such a dreadful state that our Charity used its trust fund to make an emergency grant to purchase essential personal items and clothing so she can go to hospital with some dignity.

The input of our member of staff and the speed in which we reacted to make the funds available has improved the situation, for the moment.

We distribute around £3,000 to £5,000 a year to frail elderly people in crisis need, but we know this is the tip of the iceberg and we could do more.

The public are generous in supporting Charities but the ability of the public to support good causes like ours might be affected as there disposable income declines.

We are working with health and social services and the client to support her.

But without access to the giftof a grant from our trustfund, she may have been admitted to hospital in a dreadful undignified state.

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