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This quarterly magazine, brought to you by Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale, aims to provide you with information and updates on events and meetings, as well as opportunities to participate in future events and activities.

Gareth Owen Edwards CBE is a former Welsh rugby union footballer who played crub-hald and has been described by the BBC as "arguably the greatest player ever to don a Welsh jersey". Gareth played for Wales 53 times between 1967 and 1978 and was involved in three Grand Slams and five successive Triple Crowns.

Austerity –A Permanent Word in Welsh Society

Following 8 years of austerity, people of Wales will face a further two years of cuts in public service funding.

Falling is not an inevitable part of growing older 
It's a common misconception that falling is seen as an inevitable part of ageing, something to accept, something to worry about. Many are embarrassed when they've had a fall and are reluctant to talk about it but talking about falls can help to dispel these myths and provide you with answers, solutions, freedom and independence.

Every year we use Falls Awareness Week as an opportunity to encourage conversations around falls, promote collaboration between service providers so that we can reach more people who need our vital services and highlight the work that we and our partners do across Wales to help and support our older community members.